Our Youth Groups Leaders look forward to welcoming you into one of our WhatsApp Groups for young people with MEN syndromes!  The Groups are used for young adults to connect as well as to receive support from and to offer support to one another.

The following Groups are available:  
  1. Group 1 (ages 13-17).  You must ask a parent or guardian who is a member of AMEND to complete this form for you. 
  2. Group 2 (ages 18-30).  You must be an AMEND member yourself to join this Group.  
Click here to register as an AMEND member.

All young people must be able to access their Group from their own device rather than a parent's device.  This is to keep the Groups' discussions private.  Both Groups are moderated by trained and police-checked Youth Leaders (enhanced DBS).

Please complete the following form so that we can invite you into the appropriate WhatsApp Group.  Please allow us up to 3 days to check your membership status and connect you to your Group (AMEND opening times = 9am-5pm Monday to Friday).
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This information helps us to check your registration against your membership details (for security)
We need your mobile phone number in order to add you to the Group. The phone you register should be your own phone, and not that of a parent or guardian.
This information will help us to add you to the correct Group for your age
Please select the Group that will apply to you

Please select all the ways you would like to hear from AMEND [you will need to select WhatsApp in order to join the Group you have requested]: